Don’t Let This Jäger Fool You


Food and Dining

This isn’t your college roommate’s Jäger.

It’s Bärenjäger, which in German means Bear Hunter. It’s a honey liquor used by Charlie Gaeta, beverage director at The Blue Ox in Lynn, who invented this cocktail which tastes a little bit like Drambuie.

Here’s the recipe:

The Bear Hunter

-Rye Whiskey, 1 ¾ oz.
– Bärenjäger, ¾ oz.
-Orange bitters, about half of an eyedropper.

Mix ingredients. Add ice. Stir.

Pour over large ice cube. Add a splash of ginger ale.

Take a slice of orange rind (with as little pith as possible) and squeeze it over a lit match over the top of the drink. This will make the flame flash as the burnt orange essence is splattered into the drink. Rub the rim of the glass with the orange rind and toss it into the drink.