8 Must-Try Clam Chowders In Boston


By Scott Kearnan

Spring is nearing, but let’s be honest: it’s still really, really cold out there. (Really.) The perfect antidote? A hot cup of clam chowder, New England’s hearty signature stew. We could spend all day debating where the best bowl can be found, but we would always miss someone’s favorite bowl. Instead, we rustled up a handful of indisputably great clam chowders that all stand out for a different reason. They’re tops in their categories, and every one is a favorite.

Spiciest Surprise: Blue Ox
Want a pick with a little perk? This celebrated upscale gem in Lynn serves up a sophisticated bowl of clam chowder spruced up by smoked bacon, chives, and Tabasco. Especially in winter time, we like a place that’s willing to turn up the heat.